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Noble's Imperial Officers

Imperial Elected & Appointed Officers (D: 20220428)
Imperial Deputies of the Desert/Oasis, Desert
Advisors & Organizers (D: 20220923)
Imperial At-Large & Emeritus (D: 20211210)


Imperial Captain of the Guard

Noble Mario L Eury, PP (245)

Admin Asst to Imperial Captain of the Guard

HPIP Johnnie Brown (256)

Imperial Desert Advisors and Organizers

Noble Fletcher L Scott, Jr, PP (21) – Desert Advisor

Noble Derwin Canty, PP (142) – Desert Organizer

Imperial Appointed and Committee Officers

~ Temple No. 11 ~

Noble Lester L Watkins, PP - Credentials Committee, Deputy

Noble Henry Davis, PP - Lecturers & Ceremonies (I.C.E.D. Department), Lecturer

~ Temple No. 21 ~

HPIP Elrico L Rackard - Convention Department, Deputy

Noble Sean N Walker, PP - Patrol Band Fund, Director

Noble David Bacon, PP - Patrol Band Fund, Deputy

Noble Robert L Scott, PP - Patrol Band Fund-Motorized Patrol

Noble Adrian J Johnson, Sr - Patrol Band Fund-Photography Department

~ Temple No. 22 ~

Noble Donavon Cherry, PP - Group Supervision & Membership Department, Deputy

Noble John V Hales, HPP - Imperial Bowling Program, Chairman

HPIP Tyrone Prince - Lecturers & Ceremonies (I.C.E.D. Department)

Noble Wadis Boston, PP - Legion of Honor Department

Noble Brian Marks, HPP - Credentials Committee, Deputy

Noble Larry Mack, HPP - Voter Education & Voter Registration Department

Noble James Dobbs - Photography Department

~ Temple No. 128 ~

Noble (Dr) Kevin James - HBCU Initiative Committee

Noble John Noird, Jr, PP - Patrol Band Fund-Motorized Patrol

HPIP Stephan Northern - Imperial Lecturer

Noble Victor L Lee, PP - Information Technology Department

Noble Gary Claxton, PP - National Community Health Initiative

~ Temple No. 142 ~

Noble Michael D Chappell, PP - Military & Veterans Affairs Department

~ Temple No. 145 ~

HPIP Jerome Williams - Social Media Relations Department

~ Temple No. 166 ~

Noble (Dr.) Maurice B Gilbert, PP - Medical Department, Physician

Noble Curtis Jenkins, HPP - Patrol Band Fund-Photography Department

~ Temple No. 242 ~

HPIP Jermaine Maddox - Group Supervision & Membership Department, Deputy

HPIP Sherman M Lofton, Jr - Lecturers & Ceremonies (I.C.E.D. Department)

Noble Bertram Thomas, Jr, PP - National Community Health Initiative, Imperial Director

~ Temple No. 245 ~

Noble Joseph L Collins, PP - New Initiatives/Imperial Court Liaison, Deputy

​Noble Richard D Eskridge, PP - Credentials Committee, Deputy

Noble Robert Mathis, PP - Patrol Band Fund-Bicycle Department, Deputy

Imperial Ambassadors-at-Large

​Noble Henry Davis, Sr, PP (11); ​Noble Allan P. Moore, PP (22); HPIP Keith T. Cherry (22); HPIP Keith G. Phillips (22); ​Noble Robert Cosby, PP (65); ​Noble Keysotis Mack, PP (65); ​Noble Rick D. Little, HPP (128); ​Noble John W. Jefferson, PP (128);

​Noble Alvino Smith, PP (128); ​Noble Antonio L. Lusane, PP (142); ​Noble William Sellars, PP (142); ​Noble Michael Chappell, PP (142);

​Noble Johnny R. Williams, PP (145); ​Noble Antonio E. White, PP (166); ​Noble Jere Hawkins, PP (166);

​Noble Bernard Robinson, PP (215); ​Noble Andrew Williams, Sr, PP (227); ​Noble Phillip E. Fant, PP (245);

​Noble Fletcher Knox, HPP (256)

Imperial Deputies (Emeritus)

Noble David Bacon, PP (21) – Imperial Patrol Band Fund Units

HPIP Danny West (22) –Imperial Legion of Honor

Noble Louis D. Merritt, PP (31) – Imperial Photography Department

Noble Wilson E. Mallory, PP (128) – Imperial Clown Department

Noble John H. Grady, PP (128) – Imperial Deputy of the Oasis

HPIP James J. Johnson (128) – Imperial Deputy of the Desert

Noble Ollie McCoy, PP (242) – Imperial Deputy of the Oasis

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