Nobles Imperial Officers


Masab Temple No. 11

PP  Henry Davis Sr. - Deputy I.C.E.D. Department

PP Levester Watkins - Deputy of Credentials


Omar Temple No. 21

PP Fletcher L.  Scott - Desert Advisor

PP David Bacon - Deputy Foot Patrol Bands

HPIP Enos Garvin - Chaplain Department

PP Robert Scott - Deputy of Motorized Department

PP Ezekiel Dunham - Deputy, Security


Stolkin Temple No. 22

PP Allen P. Moore - Ambassador- at- Large

PP Danny A.  West, Sr. - Emeritus Director, Legion of Honor

PP Donvan Cherry - Deputy Membership & Group Supervision

PP James Dobbs - Deputy Photography Department 


Ossipe Temple No. 65 

PP Demarcus Marshall - Deputy of Education

PP Robert Cosby - Ambassador-at-Large


Amman Temple No. 82

None at the Moment

Nabbar Temple No. 128

PP Larry Duncan - Deputy I.C.E.D. Department

PP Gary Claxton - Deputy Department of Diabetes

HPIP Stephen Northern - Chief Deputy I.C.E.D. Department

PP Victor Lee - Deputy of Information Technology

PP Patrick Cook - Deputy of Current Affairs Committee


Al-Rakim Temple No. 142

PP Michael Chappell - Deputy Veteran and Military Affairs

PP William Sellers - Ambassador-at-Large

PP Derwin Canty - Desert Organizer

Al-Faruk Temple No. 145

PP Jerome Williams - Deputy of the Social Media

PP Anthony Davis - Ambassador-at-Large

PP Johnny Williams - Ambassador-at-Large

Bokar Temple No. 166

PP Antonio White - Imperial Ambassador at Large

PP Jere Hawkins - Imperial Ambassador at Large

Noble (Dr.) Maurice Gilbert - Imperial Medical Department

Noble Curtis Jenkins - Imperial Photography Department

Al-Karim Temple No. 242

PP Ron Triplett- Deputy I.C.E.D. Department

PP Jermaine Maddox - Deputy Membership & Group Supervision

Al-Tariq Temple No. 245 

PP Andre Wideman - Department of Community Affairs

PP Richard Eskridge - Deputy, Credentials Committee

El-Hajj Temple No. 248

None at the Moment

Barack Temple No. 256

None at the Moment