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"One Georgia, Georgia Strong"

Nobles of the Desert of Georgia

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Noble Corey D Shackleford, Sr, PP #242

12th Imperial Deputy of the Desert

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Greetings and welcome to the official site of the Desert of Georgia. On behalf of the Nobles, I would like to thank you for visiting us, and hope you find your visit both interesting and informative.

As Prince Hall Shriners we embrace all of the basic fundamental concepts of the Masonic Order, since our humble beginning on June 3, 1893 in Chicago, IL. We have strived to be pillars of our community, by dispersing charity among those areas we live and work.


Shrinedom is thought of as a Fraternal, Social, and Charitable Organization: FRATERNAL in the sense of using passwords and symbols to remind the members to ever strive for inner self-improvement; SOCIAL from the standpoint of the enjoyment of good times within its own ranks; and CHARITABLE for its unselfish giving of goods and services on both the local and national level.


Currently, we have 18 Temples and 14 Courts spread throughout the state of Georgia.

Please take a moment and see the wonderful things that the Nobles and Daughters of the Desert of Georgia are doing. Perhaps you are a traveling Noble and seek refuge under one of our domes, maybe you want some place to fellowship or perhaps you want to join our ranks. Either way, our doors are open to one and all, and if you need time to think about it, we will leave the light on for you.

Corey D Shackleford, Sr

Noble Corey D Shackleford, Sr., PP

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