Daughters Imperial Officers

Al-Rakim Court No. 31

Imperial Youth Directress - Dt. Anita Spence, HPC

Deputy Imperial Directress (Actual Past Commadress Exaltation) -

Dt. Marva Lamar, PC


Omar Court No. 91

None at the Moment


Al-Faruk Court No. 94

Deputy Imperial Marshal - Dt Christie Hudson, HPIC 


Nabbar Court No. 123 

Deputy Imperial Directress of Security - Dt. Joyce Coleman, PC

Imperial Supporter of Computer Resources  - Dt Theresa Hill

Deputy Imperial Directress Golden Years Mentoring - Dt. Sharon Lane, HPC

Deputy Imperial Directress Relaxo - Dt. Mable Ray, PC

Deputy Imperial Directress of Constituent Courts - Dt. Ruth Stevens, PC

Supporter Daughters Thinking Pink - Dt. Timolin D. Jefferson, PC

Health Education/Medical Department - Dt. Karyn Bailey

Health Education/Medical Department - Dt. Yolanda Gilbert


Stolkin Court No. 173

Imperial Directress for Community Involvement -

Dt. Kimberly W. Curtis, PC & Dt. Carrie Smith, PC

Imperial Directress Officers’ Transactions - Dt. Rosa Broddie, PC


Masab Court No. 174

Imperial Deputy for the Oasis - Dt. Minnie Jones, HPIC

Deputy Directress of Credentials - Dt. Patricia Watkins, HPC 

Deputy Directress of Egyptian Parade of Stars - Dt. Vashti Pullen, HPC 

Ossipe Court No. 186

None at the Moment

Amman Court No. 195

None at the Moment

Al-Karim Court No. 219

Deputy Directress of Credentials - Dt. Tonya Taylor, PC

Al-Tariq Court No. 228

None at the Moment

Al-Tariq Court No. 228

None at the moment

Barack Court UD

None at the Moment


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