Daughters Conference Divan

Dt. Patricia Thorton-Bostic, PC #219

Imperial Deputy for the Desert

Dt Kimberly Curtis, PC #173

1st Lt Commandress

Dt Sadonna Corder #219

Oriental Guide

Dt Abby Davis, PC #94

1st Ceremonial Daughter

Dt Pam Northern #123

2nd Lt Commandress

Dt Sheila Freeman, HPC #123


Dt Monica Dickerson #219

 2nd Ceremonial Daughter

Dt Yvette Love-Lee, PC #174

High Priestess

Dt Timolin D Jefferson, PC #123


Dt Elaine Lambert #195

Inside Spy

Dt Telicia Simpson #228

Outside Spy

Dt Monica Jackson #91

 Assistant Recordress

Dt Judy Bell #219

3yr Auditor

Dt J. C. Jefferson #123 

2yr Auditor

Dt Debora Rayford #228

 1yr Auditor


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